Comprehensive Guide to Doha Airport Transit Hotel Hourly Rates

Finding an affordable place to rest during long layovers can be a challenge, especially when transiting through major hub airports like Doha. This guide will provide a comprehensive look at the hourly rates offered at hotels located right inside Doha’s Hamad International Airport, so you can plan your layover stay accordingly.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The Oryx Airport Hotel inside Doha Airport offers day use rates starting from 60 QAR (about $15 USD) per hour. The Premium Day Use Lounge is 150 QAR ($40 USD) per hour.

In this roughly 3000 word guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about reserving blocks of time at Doha Airport’s transit hotels, including detailed pricing information, amenities, reservation policies, and tips on getting the best rate for your layover stay. Whether you have a quick nap or full overnight stay in mind, read on for an in-depth look at hourly rates at Doha Airport’s hotels.

Oryx Airport Hotel Hourly Rates

Standard Guest Rooms

The Oryx Airport Hotel in Doha offers a range of guest rooms with hourly rates to accommodate travelers on short layovers. The standard guest rooms are designed for comfort and convenience, providing a cozy space for rest and relaxation. These rooms are equipped with all the essential amenities, including comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi access. With their affordable hourly rates, these rooms offer a great option for travelers seeking a quick rest before continuing their journey.

Business & Family Rooms

For travelers who require additional space or amenities, the Oryx Airport Hotel also offers business and family rooms. These rooms are designed to cater to the specific needs of business travelers and families alike. The business rooms are equipped with work desks and ergonomic chairs, allowing guests to catch up on work or prepare for meetings. The family rooms, on the other hand, provide ample space for families to relax and unwind during their layover. These rooms may include extra beds or cribs, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.

Advance vs Walk-In Rates

The Oryx Airport Hotel offers different rates for guests who book in advance compared to those who walk in. Booking in advance not only guarantees a room but also allows guests to take advantage of special discounted rates. This is especially beneficial for travelers who have a fixed layover time and want to secure a room ahead of their arrival. Walk-in rates, on the other hand, may be subject to availability and could be higher than the advance rates. It is always recommended to book in advance to secure the best possible rate.

Peak vs Off-Peak Pricing

The Oryx Airport Hotel also implements peak and off-peak pricing for their hourly rates. During peak hours, such as early morning or late evening, when the demand for rooms is higher, the rates may be slightly higher compared to off-peak hours. This pricing strategy allows the hotel to efficiently manage their occupancy and offer competitive rates to their guests. Travelers who have flexibility in their layover schedule may consider adjusting their arrival time to take advantage of the off-peak rates and save some money.

Room Amenities & Facilities

The Oryx Airport Hotel ensures that guests have access to a range of amenities and facilities during their stay. These may include access to fitness centers, swimming pools, spa facilities, and dining options. The hotel aims to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their guests, allowing them to make the most of their layover. Whether you want to relax by the pool, get a workout in at the gym, or enjoy a delicious meal, the Oryx Airport Hotel has you covered.

Premium Plaza Premium Lounge Hourly Rates

Standard Rate

The standard rate for access to the Premium Plaza Premium Lounge at Doha Airport is approximately QAR 140 per hour (around $38). This rate applies to general lounge access without additional services. The lounge is open 24/7, so this hourly rate can be paid at any time of day. However, there are surcharges that apply during peak periods, which are outlined below.

Peak Period Surcharges

During busy travel times, Premium Plaza adds a surcharge to the standard hourly rate for lounge access. These peak period surcharges are as follows:

  • 25% surcharge from 5-8 am
  • 50% surcharge from 8 pm – midnight
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So during these high-demand times, the hourly rate rises to approximately QAR 175 and QAR 210 respectively. Travelers should factor this in when budgeting for airport lounge access.

Lounge Facilities & Amenities

The Premium Plaza Premium Lounge provides an excellent range of facilities and amenities for travelers during their stay, including:

  • Complimentary high-speed WiFi
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • Private rest areas
  • Showers and a spa
  • Business center with computers and printers
  • TV room with international channels
  • Children’s play area
  • Prayer room

These facilities provide a relaxing and productive environment for passengers waiting between flights at Doha Airport.

Food & Beverage Options

A key benefit of the Premium Plaza lounge is the extensive food and drink selection, with a variety of complimentary items including:

  • Continental breakfasts
  • Light snacks and sandwiches
  • Hot dishes at meal times
  • Salads and desserts
  • Soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee
  • Beer, wine and spirits

The lounge also offers an a la carte menu that guests can order from at an additional cost. Overall, the lounge provides a fantastic dining experience with quality complimentary offerings as well as the option to purchase premium items.

Booking Policies & Requirements

When it comes to booking a transit hotel at Doha Airport, there are certain policies and requirements that travelers should be aware of. These policies ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all guests. Here are some important factors to consider:

Advance vs Walk-In Reservations

Travelers have the option to either make advance reservations or opt for walk-in bookings at the Doha Airport transit hotel. Making an advance reservation is highly recommended, especially during peak travel seasons, as it guarantees a room and saves time. However, walk-in reservations are also possible, depending on the availability of rooms at the time of arrival.

Minimum & Maximum Stay Requirements

The Doha Airport transit hotel has certain minimum and maximum stay requirements in place. These requirements vary depending on the hotel and the type of room booked. It is important to check the specific details while making a reservation to ensure compliance with the hotel’s policies.

Cancellation & No-Show Policies

In case of any changes in travel plans, it is essential to be familiar with the cancellation and no-show policies of the transit hotel. These policies determine whether guests are eligible for a refund or if any charges will be incurred for cancellations or no-shows. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation.

Credit Card Guarantee

Most transit hotels at Doha Airport require a credit card guarantee at the time of booking. This is to ensure that the guest’s reservation is secure and to cover any potential charges in case of cancellations or no-shows. The credit card information provided is typically encrypted and stored securely, adhering to strict privacy standards.

For more detailed information on the specific booking policies and requirements of the Doha Airport transit hotels, it is recommended to visit the official website of the hotel or the airport authority.

Saving Money on Your Doha Stopover

When planning a stopover in Doha, it’s important to consider how you can save money on your stay. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your budget:

Joining Hotel Membership Programs

One way to save money on your Doha stopover is by joining hotel membership programs. Many hotels in Doha offer loyalty programs that provide exclusive benefits and discounts to members. By signing up for these programs, you can enjoy reduced rates on your stay at Doha airport transit hotels. Some membership programs also offer additional perks such as complimentary room upgrades or late check-out.

Promotional Offers & Packages

Doha airport transit hotels often run promotional offers and packages that can help you save money. These offers may include discounted rates, complimentary breakfast, or additional services such as airport transfers. Keep an eye out for these promotions when booking your stay. You can often find these deals on the hotel’s official website or by subscribing to their newsletter. Additionally, popular travel websites may also feature discounted rates for Doha airport transit hotels.

Partner Frequent Flyer Discounts

If you are a frequent flyer with a particular airline, you may be eligible for partner discounts at Doha airport transit hotels. Some airlines have partnerships with hotels and offer their frequent flyer members special rates. Check with your airline to see if they have any partnerships in place and take advantage of these discounts. It’s a great way to save money on your stopover and enjoy a comfortable stay.

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Pricing for Children & Families

When traveling with children or as a family, it’s important to consider the pricing options available at Doha airport transit hotels. Some hotels offer discounted rates for children or have special family packages that include additional amenities or services. It’s worth checking with the hotel directly or browsing their website to find out what options are available for families. This can help you save money and make your stopover more enjoyable for everyone.

By following these tips, you can save money on your Doha stopover and make the most of your time at the airport transit hotel. Remember to compare prices, explore different options, and take advantage of any discounts or promotional offers available to you. Enjoy your stay in Doha!

Nearby Hotels with Day Use Rates

Westin Doha Hotel & Spa

If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay during your layover at Doha Airport, the Westin Doha Hotel & Spa is an excellent choice. With its convenient location just a short distance from the airport, you can easily access this hotel for a quick rest or a longer stay. The hotel offers day use rates, allowing you to book a room for a few hours without having to pay for a full night. This is perfect for travelers who want to freshen up, take a nap, or catch up on some work before their next flight. The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa boasts modern and spacious rooms, equipped with all the amenities you need to make your stay comfortable. The hotel also features a variety of dining options, a fitness center, and a spa where you can relax and rejuvenate. With its excellent service and convenient location, the Westin Doha Hotel & Spa is a popular choice among transit passengers. For more information and to book a room with day use rates at the Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, you can visit their official website here.

Hilton Doha

The Hilton Doha is another fantastic option for transit passengers looking for a hotel with day use rates near Doha Airport. Situated just a short drive away, this hotel offers a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers on the go. Whether you need a place to relax, freshen up, or catch up on work, the Hilton Doha has got you covered. The hotel features modern and spacious rooms with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. From delicious dining options to a rooftop pool with stunning views of the city, the Hilton Doha offers a range of facilities to make your layover enjoyable. The hotel also provides a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, making it even more convenient for transit passengers. To learn more about the day use rates at the Hilton Doha and to make a reservation, you can visit their official website here.

Sheraton Grand Doha

If you are looking for a hotel that offers day use rates and is renowned for its luxurious accommodations, the Sheraton Grand Doha is a great choice. Located just a short distance from Doha Airport, this hotel provides a convenient and comfortable stay for transit passengers. The Sheraton Grand Doha offers spacious and elegantly appointed rooms, with all the amenities you need for a relaxing stay. From its stunning beachfront location to its world-class restaurants and bars, this hotel offers a range of facilities to enhance your layover experience. Whether you want to unwind by the pool, indulge in a spa treatment, or enjoy a delicious meal, the Sheraton Grand Doha has something for everyone. To find out more about the day use rates and make a reservation at the Sheraton Grand Doha, you can visit their official website here.

Sleeping Inside the Airport Without a Room

For travelers with long layovers or early morning flights, finding a comfortable place to rest can be a challenge. However, there are options available for those who don’t want to splurge on a hotel room. Doha Airport offers several alternatives for sleeping inside the airport without a room.

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Premium Plaza Recliner Chair Rates

One option for catching some shut-eye is the Premium Plaza Recliner Chairs. These reclining chairs are available for hourly rates, allowing travelers to have a comfortable place to rest without breaking the bank. The rates for the chairs vary depending on the duration of use, with discounts available for longer stays. It’s a convenient option for those who need a quick nap or a few hours of sleep.

Napping in Public Airport Areas

If the recliner chairs are not your cup of tea, you can also choose to nap in public airport areas. Many airports, including Doha Airport, have designated quiet zones or rest areas where travelers can relax and sleep. These areas are equipped with comfortable seating, dim lighting, and sometimes even charging ports for electronic devices. While not as private as a hotel room, these public areas provide a decent alternative for those who prefer a more open sleeping space.

Tips for Sleeping Discreetly

When sleeping in public areas, it’s important to be considerate of other travelers and to maintain a level of discretion. Here are some tips for sleeping discreetly in the airport:

  • Find a quiet corner away from heavy foot traffic.
  • Use a neck pillow and eye mask to block out noise and light.
  • Keep your belongings secure and within reach.
  • Set an alarm to ensure you don’t oversleep.

By following these tips, you can have a peaceful sleep while respecting the space of fellow travelers. For more information on Doha Airport’s sleeping options and rates, you can visit their official website here.

Alternative Layover Options in Doha

If you find yourself with a layover at Doha Airport, there are several alternative options to make the most of your time. Whether you have a few hours or a longer layover, Doha offers a range of activities and amenities to keep you entertained and relaxed.

Short Excursions into the City

One popular option for transit passengers in Doha is to take a short excursion into the city. With a layover of at least five hours, you can explore some of the city’s top attractions such as the Souq Waqif, the Museum of Islamic Art, or even take a stroll along the Corniche. You can easily arrange for a guided tour or hire a taxi to take you around the city. Just make sure to check visa requirements beforehand if you plan on leaving the airport.

Airport Lounge Access Cards

If you prefer to stay within the airport premises, you can consider getting an airport lounge access card. These cards provide you with access to comfortable lounges where you can relax, enjoy complimentary food and drinks, and make use of various amenities such as showers, Wi-Fi, and business facilities. Some lounges even offer spa services, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate during your layover. Websites like Priority Pass provide comprehensive information about lounge access options available at Doha Airport.

Virtual Reality & Gaming Zones

If you’re looking for a unique way to pass the time, Doha Airport offers virtual reality and gaming zones for passengers to enjoy. These zones provide immersive experiences through virtual reality headsets and interactive gaming consoles. Whether you’re a fan of racing games, puzzle challenges, or virtual reality adventures, these zones offer a fun and entertaining way to make the most of your layover. So why not challenge yourself to a virtual race or solve a mind-bending puzzle while waiting for your next flight?

Remember, when planning your layover activities, it’s important to consider the duration of your layover, visa requirements, and the opening hours of the attractions or facilities you wish to visit. With the various alternative layover options available in Doha, you can make your transit experience more enjoyable and memorable.


Booking even just a few hours at a Doha airport hotel can make for a more comfortable and refreshing layover. By understanding the hourly rates and policies in advance, you can choose the right transit accommodation for your needs and budget. With rates starting as low as 60 QAR per hour, Doha airports hotels offer an affordable way to nap, refresh, and recharge between flights. Follow the guidance in this comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about reserving day use rooms during your upcoming layover at Doha Airport.