How to Become a Hotel Tester: Unveiling the Secrets

Imagine having the opportunity to stay in luxurious hotels around the world and get paid for it. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, it’s time to turn that dream into reality by becoming a hotel tester or secret guest. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of becoming a hotel tester, from understanding the role to landing your first assignment. Get ready to embark on an exciting career as a hotel tester and gain insider tips on developing the mystery shopper skillset.

What is a Hotel Tester?

A hotel tester, also known as a mystery guest or secret shopper, is someone who is hired by hotels to evaluate and assess the quality of their services, facilities, and overall guest experience. They play a crucial role in ensuring that hotels meet and exceed customer expectations, providing valuable feedback to help improve the overall guest experience.

Assess Facilities and Cleanliness

One of the primary responsibilities of a hotel tester is to evaluate the facilities and cleanliness of a hotel. They meticulously inspect every aspect of the hotel, from the reception area to guest rooms, bathrooms, and common areas. By doing so, they ensure that hotels maintain high hygiene standards and provide a comfortable environment for guests.

Evaluate Service and Staff

A hotel tester also evaluates the quality of service provided by hotel staff. They interact with staff members, posing as regular guests, to assess their professionalism, friendliness, and responsiveness. By evaluating the service and staff, hotel testers help identify areas where staff training and improvement are needed, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience.

Provide Detailed Reports

After their evaluation, hotel testers provide detailed reports to hotel management. These reports include their findings, observations, and recommendations for improvement. These reports are a valuable tool for hotel management to make informed decisions and implement changes to enhance the guest experience.

Becoming a hotel tester requires a keen eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and a genuine passion for the hospitality industry. It offers a unique opportunity to experience different hotels, travel to new destinations, and contribute to improving the quality of service in the industry.

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Skills and Qualifications

To succeed as a hotel tester, you need to possess several important skills and qualifications.

Observation and Documentation

One of the most essential skills for a hotel tester is the ability to observe and document their experiences accurately. Hotel testers are responsible for evaluating various aspects of a hotel, including cleanliness, amenities’ quality, and customer service. They must pay attention to detail and notice even the smallest issues or discrepancies.


Effective communication is crucial for hotel testers as they must communicate their findings and experiences to management and potential guests. Hotel testers should be able to articulate their observations and recommendations clearly and concisely. They must communicate any issues or concerns professionally and diplomatically, ensuring their feedback is constructive and helpful.

Time Management

Hotel testers often have tight deadlines and multiple hotel visits within a specific timeframe. Therefore, strong time management skills are essential. Hotel testers need to be able to plan and prioritize their tasks effectively to ensure they can complete their evaluations within the given timeframe.


Writing skills are crucial for hotel testers as they are required to write detailed reports and evaluations of their hotel experiences. These reports need to be well-structured, organized, and coherent. Hotel testers should be able to provide clear descriptions of their observations, including positive aspects and improvement areas. They should also be able to provide specific recommendations and suggestions for hotel management to enhance the guest experience.

Building Your Profile

Building a strong profile is essential for becoming a hotel tester. Here are some key steps to consider when building your profile:

Create a Standout Resume

Your resume is your first opportunity to make a great impression on potential employers. Make sure it is well-structured and highlights your relevant skills and experiences. Include any previous hotel or hospitality industry experience and any customer service or communication skills that would be valuable in this role. Don’t forget to mention any certifications or training you have completed in the field.

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Highlight Relevant Experience

One of the most important aspects of your profile as a hotel tester is your previous experience in the hospitality industry. Highlight your roles in hotels, resorts, or other hospitality establishments. Emphasize any customer service skills you developed in these roles, as they are highly relevant to the job of a hotel tester.

Get Certifications

Having certifications related to the hospitality industry can greatly enhance your profile as a hotel tester. Consider obtaining certifications such as Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP) or Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA). These certifications demonstrate your commitment to the industry and can give you an edge over other candidates. Additionally, certifications in areas such as food safety or event planning can also be beneficial.

Remember that while having a strong profile is important, continuing to learn and improve your skills is also essential. Stay updated with industry trends, attend workshops or conferences, and network with professionals in the field. This will make you a more attractive candidate for hotel testing positions and help you excel in your career once you land a job in this exciting field.

Finding Hotel Tester Jobs

Are you passionate about travel and hospitality? Do you have an eye for detail and enjoy providing feedback? If so, becoming a hotel tester might be the perfect job for you. Here are some effective ways to find hotel tester jobs:

Apply with Mystery Shopper Companies

Mystery shopper companies often have opportunities for hotel testers. These companies specialize in evaluating the quality of service and facilities in various industries, including the hospitality sector. You can access various hotel testing assignments by signing up with these companies. Some reputable mystery shopper companies include BestMark, International Service Check, and Sinclair Customer Metrics. These companies offer legitimate hotel testing opportunities and provide detailed evaluation guidelines.

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Search Job Boards and Classifieds

Job boards and classifieds are another great resource for finding hotel tester jobs. Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Craigslist often list hotel testing positions. Use relevant keywords such as “hotel tester,” “mystery shopper,” or “hospitality evaluator” to narrow down your search. When applying for hotel tester jobs through job boards or classifieds, carefully read the job descriptions and requirements. Pay attention to the qualifications needed, such as experience in the hospitality industry or specific certifications.

Network and Ask for Referrals

Networking is essential in any job search, and finding hotel tester jobs is no exception. Contact your professional network and tell them you want to become a hotel tester. They may have connections or know someone who can provide you with leads or recommendations. Additionally, consider joining industry-related associations or attending networking events. These gatherings can provide opportunities to meet professionals in the hospitality industry who may have insights or recommendations for hotel tester positions. Remember, landing a hotel tester job may require persistence and patience. Keep applying, networking, and refining your skills to increase your chances of finding the perfect hotel testing opportunity.


Becoming a hotel tester allows you to turn your love of travel into an exciting career. With the right blend of skills, preparation, and perseverance, you can begin assessing top-tier hotels and resorts worldwide while being paid for your experiences. Follow this guide to understand hotel tester roles, build your industry profile, and uncover great job opportunities. Before you know it, you’ll embark on your dream job as a professional hotel tester.

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