My Blog: A Comprehensive Guide on Checking the Balance of Your Gift Card

If you’ve ever wondered how to check the balance on your gift card, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check your gift card balance, both online and via phone. We’ll also address some frequently asked questions about gift cards. So, let’s dive in!

How to Check Your Gift Card Balance Online?

Step 1: Visit the Website

To check your gift card balance online, start by visiting the official website. Simply open your web browser and go to, which will take you directly to the gift cards page.

Step 2: Sign in or Create an Account

If you already have an account with, sign in using your email address and password. For new users, click on the “Sign In” button at the top of the page and select “Create an Account” to register. Fill in the required information and create a password to complete the process.

Step 3: Navigate to the Gift Cards Section

Once signed in, find the “Gift Cards” link in the top menu bar and click on it. This will take you to the main gift cards page, where you can view and purchase gift cards.

Step 4: Enter Your Gift Card Number and PIN

To check your balance, enter your gift card number and PIN. You can find these details on the back of your gift card. Fill in the information in the designated fields and click on the “Check Balance” button.

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Step 5: View Your Gift Card Balance

After clicking “Check Balance,” the website will display your gift card balance. If you have multiple gift cards, repeat the process to check their respective balances. Once you know your balance, you can use your gift card to book hotel stays on

How to Check Your Gift Card Balance via Phone?

Step 1: Find the Gift Card Customer Service Number

To check your gift card balance via phone, locate the customer service number. You can find it on the back of your gift card or on the website. Alternatively, search for the number on Google or any other search engine.

Step 2: Follow the Automated Instructions

Call the customer service number and follow the automated instructions. You might be prompted to enter your gift card number or provide other necessary details to verify your account. Keep your gift card handy, as you’ll need to input the number during the call.

Step 3: Retrieve Your Gift Card Balance

After following the automated instructions, the system will provide you with your gift card balance. Jot it down on a piece of paper or save it on your phone for future reference.

It’s essential to check your gift card balance regularly to ensure you have enough funds to book your desired hotel. If your balance is running low, you can reload your gift card or use multiple gift cards to cover the booking cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards

What is a Gift Card?

A Gift Card is a prepaid card that allows you to make bookings on It’s a perfect gift for passionate travelers or individuals in need of a well-deserved break. With a gift card, recipients can choose from a wide range of hotels and enjoy a stay at their preferred destination.

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Where Can I Use My Gift Card?

You can use your Gift Card to make bookings on for hotels and other accommodations worldwide. The card can be used to pay for either the full or partial booking amount, depending on the available balance.

How Do I Redeem My Gift Card?

To redeem your Gift Card, enter the gift card code during the checkout process on The balance on the gift card will be applied to the booking amount, while any remaining balance can be used for future bookings.

Can I Use My Gift Card to Book a Vacation Package?

Yes, you can use your Gift Card to book a vacation package. However, please note that the gift card might not cover the entire cost of the package, and you may need to use another payment method to pay the remaining balance.

Can I Reload My Gift Card?

Unfortunately, Gift Cards cannot be reloaded. Once the balance on the card is used up, it cannot be used again.

What Happens If My Gift Card Expires?

If your Gift Card expires, the remaining balance on the card will be forfeited, and the card will be invalid. It’s crucial to use the gift card before the expiration date to avoid losing the remaining balance.


We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to check the balance on your gift card. Remember, you can check your balance online or via phone by following our step-by-step instructions.

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If you have any further questions or encounter any issues with your gift card, don’t hesitate to contact customer service for assistance.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your travels with!

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