Twitch Users: A Deep Dive into the Growing Streaming Community

In 2007, Justin Kan and Emmett Shear launched, a platform that gained moderate success. However, what truly captured the attention of users was the gaming content. This led to the separation of gaming content, which eventually became Twitch TV in 2011.

Twitch quickly gained momentum, reaching an impressive 3.2 million monthly viewers in its first year. After the closure of in 2013, Twitch emerged as the most popular e-sports streaming service. Recognizing its potential, Amazon acquired Twitch for a staggering $970 million, a decision that proved to be an excellent investment.

Today, Twitch boasts over 140 million monthly users, solidifying its position as the premier online destination for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. Let’s delve into some key statistics about Twitch and explore its future.

Key Statistics

  • Twitch has 140 million active users per month.
  • 71 million hours of content are viewed daily.
  • 65% of Twitch users are male.
  • 73% of Twitch users are under 35.
  • The average user spends over 20 hours a week on the site.
  • Approximately 107,000 Twitch broadcasts are happening at any given moment.
  • Over 100 million app downloads have been recorded.
  • The most-watched title on Twitch is “League of Legends.”
  • Twitch generates $1.54 billion in revenue per year.
  • 9.4% of online video gamers stream via Twitch.

Twitch in 2023: A Closer Look

1. Twitch Has 140 Million Active Users Per Month

Unlike some platforms that count repetitive visits, Twitch tracks unique visitors, ensuring that each user is counted only once. This makes the statistic of 140 million unique active monthly users even more impressive, especially considering Twitch’s relatively young age.

2. 71 Million Hours Of Content Is Viewed Daily

Twitch hosts a diverse range of content creators, with approximately 7.4 million streamers publishing content monthly. This vibrant ecosystem ensures there is always something unique to watch, resulting in a staggering 71 million hours of video being watched every day. Though it lags behind YouTube’s overall viewership, Twitch dominates the e-sports viewing audience, capturing 70% of the market share.

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3. 65% Of Twitch Users Are Male

Twitch Tracker reveals that 65% of Twitch users are male. This aligns with the historical association of gaming as a predominantly male pastime. However, it’s noteworthy that an increasing number of women are entering the gaming and live video streaming scene. Female players like Pokimane, with nearly 9 million followers, illustrate this growing interest.

4. 73% Of Twitch Users Are Under 35

Targeting a mobile-centric audience, Twitch caters strongly to Millennials and Generation-Z, who prefer surfing the internet on their phones. As a result, 73% of Twitch users fall into the under 35 age group. Advertisers looking to engage with this demographic can find a perfect platform in Twitch. Among Twitch’s user base, 41% are between 16-24 years old and 32% are between 25-34 years old.

5. The Average User Spends Over 20 Hours A Week On The Site

The allure of Twitch lies in the exhilaration of watching skilled players react to success or failure in real-time. This genuine display of emotions from popular streamers keeps viewers engaged, leading to an impressive average of 20 hours per week spent on the site. With the gaming industry experiencing a growth period, Twitch is poised to attract more users and content creators.

6. Approximately 107,000 Twitch Broadcasts Are Happening At Any Given Moment

Twitch’s popularity has led to an explosion of broadcasts, with an average of 107,000 streams happening simultaneously. In 2020, Twitch witnessed a record-setting moment when over 200,000 streams were active. Although this record still stands, it is anticipated that it will be surpassed in due time. The substantial increase in streams can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, which fueled interest in online gaming videos.

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7. There Have Been Over 100 Million Downloads Of the App

Twitch is widely regarded as a gaming channel, but its popularity extends beyond gaming content. The “just chatting” category, where users discuss games, performance, and skill levels, ranks as the most popular category on Twitch. With over 100 million app downloads and counting, Twitch’s appeal continues to grow, attracting both viewers and content creators.

8. The Most Watched Title Is ‘League of Legends’

As of May 2023, “League of Legends” holds the distinction of being the most-watched title on Twitch. It captivates millions of viewers who feel immersed in the game’s experience. Since its debut on Twitch, “League of Legends” has amassed over 40 billion viewing hours, with peak viewership exceeding 2.2 million people. While other games like Fortnite have had their moments, “League of Legends” consistently reigns supreme.

9. Twitch Receives $1.54 Billion Per Year

Twitch’s meteoric rise captured the attention of major players in the web industry, resulting in offers to purchase the streaming service. Ultimately, Amazon secured Twitch for $970 million. Today, Twitch accrues nearly $250 million in advertising revenue alone, with additional income streams from subscriptions and other sources. This translates to yearly revenue exceeding $1.54 billion, solidifying Twitch as a major player in the streaming landscape.

10. 9.4% Of Online Video Gamers Stream Via Twitch

With 140 million active monthly users, Twitch stands out as the favored platform for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. It ranks as the fifth most popular social media platform, with 9.4% of gamers choosing Twitch for their streaming needs. While YouTube and Facebook hold the top spots, Twitch’s focus on gaming content sets it apart as the go-to platform within the gaming community.

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Which Countries View Twitch The Most?

Although China and India boast the largest populations globally, Twitch finds its biggest audience in the United States, with 21% of Twitch viewers residing there. Germany follows with 7.11% of the viewership, and surprisingly, South Korea claims the third spot. Russia and France round out the top five countries in terms of Twitch viewership.

The Future Of Twitch

As the gaming industry continues to recover from its recent slump, Twitch plays a vital role in its resurgence. To sustain interest and foster even greater competition among gamers, sponsorships will play a significant role. However, it is essential to note that holistic sponsorship of events, rather than just individual players, will elevate the industry and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Summing Up

Twitch, despite being a fraction of Amazon’s business, has proven to be a valuable investment, generating annual revenue approaching $2 billion. With its current user base of 140 million and careful planning, Twitch has the potential to double its user count in the next five years. Live streaming continues to gain popularity, offering exciting opportunities for viewers and creators alike. Whether you’re looking to stream or watch, Twitch is an immersive and rewarding platform in the realm of online activities.

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