Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled? – Get Clear Sound Again!

Have you ever wondered, “Why do my AirPods sound muffled?” It can be frustrating when you’re expecting crystal clear audio, but instead, you’re greeted with a muffled sound. AirPods are known for their sleek design and excellent sound quality, but they can still produce muffled sounds for various reasons. In this article, we’ll explore why your AirPods might sound muffled and how you can fix this issue on your own.

Dolby Atmos Settings

One possible reason for muffled sound is the Dolby Atmos settings. Apple Music utilizes Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, providing an immersive sound experience. However, not all AirPod generations support this feature. If you have the first or second generation AirPods, there’s a high chance the sound will be muffled.

To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings or ask Siri to launch it.
  2. Tap on “Music” and select “Dolby Atmos.”
  3. Turn off Dolby Atmos or choose the “Automatic” option.

Now, play some audio through your AirPods to check if the issue has been resolved.

Dirty AirPods

Over time, your AirPods can accumulate dust, debris, and lint, leading to muffled sounds. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your AirPods and you’re experiencing muffled audio, it’s time to give them a good cleaning.

Here’s a simple cleaning procedure you can follow:

  1. Take your AirPods out of their charging case and remove the silicone tips, if any.
  2. Dampen the end of a cotton bud with rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the grills.
  3. Use a soft toothbrush to carefully remove any stuck debris from the grills.
  4. Dip a microfiber cloth in alcohol and clean the charging case.
  5. Allow your AirPods to dry completely before using them again.
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After cleaning your AirPods, replay the audio to see if the muffled sound issue has been resolved.

Connection Issues

Sometimes, muffled sounds can occur due to a weak Bluetooth connection. Luckily, solving this issue is quick and easy.

Follow these steps to reset the Bluetooth connection for your AirPods:

  1. Place your AirPods inside the charging case and close the lid.
  2. Let them sit for 30 seconds, then open the lid.
  3. Open the Settings app on your device and go to “Bluetooth.”
  4. Tap on your AirPods and select the “i” icon at the far end.
  5. Choose “Forget This Device” and confirm the action.
  6. Press and hold the Setup button on your AirPods case until an amber light flashes and a setup prompt appears on your mobile device.
  7. Complete the pairing process for your devices.
  8. Play audio once more to verify if the muffled sound issue has been resolved.


There are several reasons why your AirPods might sound muffled, including dirt, a weak Bluetooth connection, and Dolby Atmos issues. However, you can tackle these issues independently and get that clear sound back, unless your AirPods are damaged beyond repair and require replacement.

Now that you know how to address the muffled sound issue with your AirPods, you can enjoy an immersive audio experience once again. If you found this article helpful, visit My Blog for more informative content. Happy listening!